July Blog - Interactive White Boards

Collaboration at the speed of ideas: Interactive White Boards

Whether you’re collaborating with your employees, collaborating with your students, your customers or with your suppliers, one constant remains steady. Collaboration will always be a key factor in doing sustained successful business. One way to increase your team’s ability to collaborate is with interactive white boards.

You now can exchange ideas in real time throughout your business for more engaging meetings and brainstorming sessions using Ricoh Interactive whiteboards – also known as Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs). There’s the right fit for your business’ size with panels ranging from 86” to 21.5” and options for business specific or Windows® controllers.

                Having the ability to share and convey ideas in real time increases the speed that new initiatives can begin with everyone on board. Saving time saves companies money. With the IFPD’s you can:


Join a Video Conference From Anywhere

Give onsite and mobile employees the power to share ideas quickly and easily with collaborative sessions with multi-touch annotations, video conferencing and real-time information sharing. Compatible with Skype for Business, Ricoh UCS and Office 365.

Collaborate With Anyone, Anywhere

With Ricoh IFPDs, you can connect up to eight Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards. Each whiteboard offers interactive controls to participants in multiple locations simultaneously.

Protect and Preserve Your Presentation

Keep presentations private via log-in pin-code authorization. To secure your presentation, data is erased the moment you shut off the interactive whiteboard. Or, simply name and password protect the document at the whiteboard, and then print or email it directly from the board to participants.

Receive Feedback and Share It With Others

Chances are, you’re sharing your presentation with an audience because you value their feedback. The comments and changes they provide can enhance what you’ve presented — and foster a true collaborative meeting. But now that the meeting is over, how do you get your modified document to attendees quickly? With the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard, it’s easy. Within minutes you can turn your revised presentation into a PDF file.


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