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JBM Office Systems -

IM 8000

PPM: 80

The Ricoh IM 8000 is our flagship black and white multifunction office printer. Desiged to keep pace with streamlined processes and smarter ways of working, it is scalable, secured, sustainable and simple. This high performance mode eliminates the need for multiple devices to do you printing and scanning - while the intelligent design means no more printing - related delays. In fact, the IM 8000 has been specifically designed with speed in mind. With print speeds of 80 ppm,It is the fastest of all of our multifunction black and white  office printers.

  • Work smarter - download and install new features, applications and upgrades whenever you need them
  • Save time - the human detection sensor wakes the device up before you touch the control panel, cutting waiting times, improving productivity and saving energy
  • Print and scan more securely - prevent data and printing from being compromised with multi-layered security features
  • Improve your carbon footprint - this device contains a high ratio of recycled materials
  • Work faster - scan up to 240 impressions per minute in black and white and colour


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