Get Back to Work Safely with Touchless Productivity

Get Back to Work Safely with Touchless Productivity 

Here at JBM our partnership with Ricoh is always evolving and continuously improving along the same vein as our modern-day technology evolves and alters the landscape of business and day to day life. A testament to that is Ricoh’s newest features that allow for more automation in a time where low-touch interactions are the new normal.  

Ricoh’s IM series of Intelligent Multifunction Printers brought with them the ability to carry out a host of tasks remotely. These functions include Remote Connect Support which allows technicians to log into the device and run diagnostics, troubleshoot and even do firmware updates all without leaving their desk. The same functionality can also allow for remote training sessions with the ability to fully takeover the system to demonstrate all the latest features of the IM series machines.  

Ricoh’s latest addition to this suite of low-touch friendly tools is Ricoh Intelligent Voice Control (RIVC). Voice recognition and voice control can be found in many consumer environments — such as homes, cars, cell phones, etc. Technologies like Amazon’s Alexa have made this a reality in many households, and Ricoh has brought this same capability to the new office environment.  

RICOH Intelligent Voice Control lets you initiate copy, scan and fax processes at your Ricoh Multifunction device with simple voice commands. You can make multiple settings changes — including quantity, color and simplex/duplex — with a single voice prompt. When you see the blue light, you’ll know that Alexa is processing your request. 

What do you need to use voice? 

  • RICOH Intelligent Voice Control is purchased as an easy-to-add subscription for your compatible multifunction device. 

  • A compatible Amazon Echo device and Alexa for Business account purchased by the customer. 

  • A technical professional enables voice operation and provides training. 

Indirect Contact  

Our operation panels come standard with “resistive” touch technology that uses pressure to respond to commands. If you or your users are more comfortable wearing gloves, using a stylus or similar item (that’s not sharp), you can still operate the device. 

Your Building Access Card 

Card authentication* helps secure actions at the device — but it can also provide a fast and easy way to authenticate and access networked MFPs without any contact. Use the same card that you use for building access or for your employee ID. Our card authentication technology supports HID®, HID® iClassMifare® and more.  

Your Smartphone or Tablet 

How about not touching the operation panel at all? Download the free Ricoh Smart Device Connector app to make this possible. This Ricoh-developed application uses an iOS™ or Android™ mobile device to control functions. Enjoy hands-free printing, scanning and copying, upload/download docs from the cloud and more. No-Touch Secured Print Release* is a new feature for the Smart Device Connector app. Using your own device contributes to a safer office environment — eliminating the need to touch the MFP’s operation panel.  

Keep people working while strengthening workplace health and safety  

No-touch operation can help limit how often people encounter shared surfaces. Choose how you want to operate Ricoh equipment and enjoy productivity with peace of mind.  

To learn more about the Ricoh IM series products and how they can benefit your business please visit us at or call (905) 641-4442 to speak with a Ricoh solutions expert! 




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