Coming Soon Directly to Your PC...eCommerce at JBM

Coming Soon Directly to Your PC…… eCommerce at JBM!

Like many other small businesses in Ontario, JBM Office Systems has been busy during the last 2 months of partial lockdown looking at our business from a different perspective. With nearly daily news briefings from our provincial and federal governments we are all learning to pivot quickly, responding to changes in regulations as we move through the re-opening phases and now, finally moving into Phase 3 over the next few weeks!

As we have learned to navigate the myriad of government assistance programs and the sourcing of PPE for our employees, we have also looked at our internal processes and product offerings for areas of improvement. Keeping in mind the new normal for doing business involves social distancing, JBM has bolstered our product offerings for the growing work from home workforce along with our visual communication products that will help businesses facilitate face to face communications with standardized, secure and easy to implement technologies.

Last year JBM moved to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) and MS Teams for remote collaboration using our Interactive Flat Panel Displays from Ricoh. We have also added some new vendors including Jabra communication products, Samsung digital signage and Clear Touch Interactive, a fast growing, innovative technology firm specializing in Interactive displays for the educational market!

Most recently, JBM has embarked on implementing a new eCommerce website, embedded into our current website, to offer customers a new and extremely easy method to order toner and ink supplies, printers, copiers, MFP’s, shredders, scanners, computers & laptops, peripherals and much more! We are extremely excited to offer this new service to our customers with a high level of customization around the equipment you have acquired from us. Our goal is to make it quick and easy to place an order so you can get back to more pressing issues at your business. We plan to launch starting in August so stay tuned for more details and introductory specials!

Cloud Services

Although this term has been around for a while, it has predominantly referred to software that is accessible from your desktop or laptop via cloud infrastructures. At JBM however, we are taking our service to the next level by offering our hardware serviced via the cloud. In partnership with Ricoh, we have introduced RemoteConnect support for Ricoh printers and MFP’s! This cloud-based software tool allows our technicians to remotely connect directly to your printer or MFP that has a problem needing support. It will drastically improve our response time and minimize your downtime by allowing our technicians to take control of the device in service mode and make changes as if standing in front of it. With Ricoh’s new ‘IM’ (Intelligent MFP) series of products we can now update the device firmware remotely and access a host of new Apps and widgets to keep your Ricoh product ‘Always Current’. And best of all, it’s all included at no charge!

In addition, the newer generations of Ricoh products support new software services through Ricoh Smart Integration (RSI). In other words, customers will be able to add new cloud-based services to their Ricoh devices that include file conversion to Word, Excel and searchable PDF. You can access your other cloud services like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SharePoint for printing from or scanning to these services. With RSI Cloud Workflow solutions, you can scan not only to these cloud services but also to local network folders with custom metadata in order to get your documents in the right format, with the right filename to the right destination with the push of a button! The automation of common scanning and routing processes is a simple yet powerful way to eliminate the manual and time-consuming steps typically needed to complete these tasks. As businesses struggle to find efficiencies in their operations, this is one area that JBM can help you find an immediate return on investment. Call your JBM sales consultant for more information or to request a FREE 30-day trial of RSI Cloud services on your device.


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