Doing Business In the Cloud

Doing Business in the Cloud

Cloud computing offers your business a plethora of advantages that help you gain an edge in an ever increasingly technologically driven landscape. The obvious leg up is that working through the ‘Cloud’ permits you to be able to run your business anywhere in the world and at any time. This is the direction business as whole is shifting, with the number of connected devices showing no signs of slowing, having mobility can give your company the upper hand on competition, time to market and speed of service. 

Cloud computing allows you to access your data and programs outside of your own computing environment. Rather than storing your data and software on your personal computer or server, it is stored in 'the cloud'. This could include applications, databases, email and file services.

Print Benefits

Ricoh ICE Cloud Workflow Solutions provide a suite of powerful tools allowing for increased efficiency and ease of use. ICE stands for ‘Integrated Cloud Environment’, within a cloud environment one can: access to automatic firmware updates keeping up to date with the latest upgrades. Enjoy ‘follow-me print’ giving you the ability to print your documents at any printer you walk up to right from your mobile device. Minimize productivity loss with remote support capability and tools. Never run out of toner again with just-in-time toner delivery accessed via information communicated from your multi-function device to the cloud server.

Reduced IT Costs

The Cloud can be viewed as renting versus buying. Basically, you rent capacity (server space or access to software) from a cloud service provider, paying for only the resources you use. Eliminate hardware and IT labour costs and keep up to date with the latest upgrades all the time.


As your business grows you can scale up or down your operation and storage needs with the onus of installing physical upgrades to the backend on the cloud service provider.

Business Continuity

Datto is a Canadian company with a focus on business continuity. In the event of a power failure, natural disaster or other crisis such as the growing threat of cybersecurity/ransomware attacks, Datto has your back. Rest easy knowing your important and valuable data is stored securely and backed up in a safe location in Canada, British Colombia. Business continuity also means getting up and running quickly to minimize downtime.

Easy way to go digital

 Converting information on paper to digital documents can be tedious without the right tools. Trade time-consuming manual processes for scanning with automatic OCR and file conversion — all performed in the cloud

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