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Your Ricoh copier can do a whole lot more than copy. It can help you improve productivity by simplifying and automating common document workflow tasks. If you’ve ever had to scan, email, download, convert, save to a folder, upload or organize files, you know how time consuming these manual tasks can be. With RICOH Smart Integration, you can quickly route your documents to the right place, in the right format and with the right file name and enjoy simplified printing from smartphones and tablets.

It’s easy to get started: just choose one of the RICOH Smart Integration solutions to use with your multifunction printer (MFP), and you’ll be working smarter within minutes.

Why Smart Integration?

Improve productivity by automating mundane manual tasks

It’s affordable — no new hardware, software, servers, IT support or maintenance required

It’s easy to get started — Smart Integration solutions are easy to add to RICOH Intelligent MFPs and many other models.

Get files to the right place

No matter where you need your files to go, Smart Integration helps you get them there efficiently. Email a delivery receipt to multiple people. Send your documents to a local folder, a cloud account (such as Box™, Dropbox™ or Google Drive™) or SharePoint®. Store a customer record in two systems. With automated scanning and routing processes, the manual and time-consuming steps typically needed to complete these tasks are simplified and connected so that you can send your documents to the right destination with the push of a button.

… in the right format

Once you scan a document, it often needs to be converted to an editable, searchable format so that it’s usable. Smart Integration takes care of this for you by converting hardcopy documents to editable, searchable formats with optical character recognition (OCR). Scanned documents can be converted to various file formats — including Word®, Excel®, PDF and PDF-A.

… with the right file name

Converted documents are only useful if you can find them later. With Smart Integration, you can organize documents with consistent folder and file naming conventions, as well as document metadata, making it easy to find documents when you need them.

Keep staff productive

If your staff spends too much time on mundane, manual document workflow tasks, it’s time for your multifunction printer to work harder on their behalf. With automation, you can free up their time for other important projects that better serve the needs of your business and your customers.


Getting started is simple. RICOH Smart Integration solutions are the perfect pairing for RICOH Intelligent MFPs. Capabilities are delivered via the cloud, so it’s easy and affordable to get started. There’s no capital expenditure, onsite servers or special software to implement. Choose the solution that works best for you:

Essentials — scan to email and mobile printing Smart Integration Essentials simplifies two of the most common document workflow processes: scanning to email and printing files from a tablet or mobile device.

  • Scan to email – zero configuration required
  • Print documents from mobile devices or tablets with secured release
  • Convert hardcopy documents to editable and searchable formats including PDF, Word and Excel, with optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Licensed per MFP device.

Smart Integration Workflows Smart Integration Workflows and Smart Integration Advanced Workflows also give you the ability to enhance your print processes in addition to all of the features above. Eliminate the need for complex drivers and infrastructure and enjoy on-demand printing of documents stored in your cloud accounts. It's easy to print files from a cloud repository — such as Box™, Dropbox™, Google Drive™ or OneDrive for Business — by browsing and selecting files from the MFP operation panel. Scan directly to these Cloud repositories and/or to a local network folder of your choice. Multi-destination routing allows you to scan a document to email addresses, network folders and fax numbers all simultaneously.

Scan directly to these Cloud repositories and/or to a local network folder of your choice. Multi-destination routing allows you to scan a document to email addresses, network folders and fax numbers all simultaneously.

Smart Integration Advanced Workflows Because included capabilities are delivered via the cloud, there’s no complex IT needed. Get up and running fast — with no capital expenditures, onsite servers or special software to implement — and focus on the work that you do best. If that involves SharePoint and Office 365, you will enjoy a native integration with SharePoint libraries allowing you one touch access through our customized workflow planning on the Smart Operation Panel.

  • Scan a hardcopy document and route using various workflows
  • Scan with metadata tagging directly into SharePoint libraries
  • Auto Routing based on document classification.
  • Automate Multi-destination routing to email, fax and Cloud services
  • Go from hardcopy to searchable and editable digital with powerful OCR capabilities
  • Print your documents from tablets and smartphones
  • Receive version updates automatically


  • All subscriptions require a minimum 12-month commitment
  • Only Ricoh ‘IM’ Series MFP’s are compatible with these solutions
  • Workflow solutions licensed per named user in tiers (Up to 10, 25, 50, 100 etc.) and unlimited devices
  • 30-Day Free Trials available through your JBM sales consultant. Call us today for a consultation.










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