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JBM is excited to formally welcome our newest partnership with ClearTouch Interactive 

ClearTouch Interactive® provides interactive displays and technology solutions and digital display solutions that help educational institutions, government agencies, and commercial enterprises. Founded in 2012, Clear Touch Interactive® set out to transform collaboration in the classroom and the boardroom—replacing antiquated whiteboards and projectors with an easy-to-use, engaging, open architecture solutions. The features that matter the most to businesses and educational organizations are the ones that have a noticeable impact on employee or student engagement and overall ROI, like simplicity, mobility and flexibility.  

ClearTouch brings a fresh perspective on your typical classroom whiteboards by making its proprietary software suite free with the purchase of each panel. With the software, users can open an infinite, virtual canvas, annotate over any file, organize think-tanking, ideation and video conferencing sessions, create interactive, animated presentations, record events and sessions recording voice, video and board actions together with quick edit options available right on the panel and establish site or enterprise-wide device management and support. The software is also fully compatible with third-party applications, and access to cloud storage is built-in-link to multiple existing Google and Microsoft accounts at once. ClearTouch Interactive panels empower a new generation of teaching and learning without all the logistical headaches. ClearTouch interactive displays are the ideal classroom technology solution, being easy-to-use, simple to install, and providing more than 50,000 hours of hands-on classroom use all without costly software subscriptions and high-cost maintenance. 

The panels feature true multi-touch capabilities (up to 20 simultaneous points of touch) fast touch response time, high-fidelity audio and an industry leading nine inputs that allow for easy connection to all the devices in your room. Choose from five screen sizes from 55 inches to 86 inches with crystal-clear, energy-saving LCD displays. No more complicated adapters, cords, or driver installs needed. ClearTouch Interactive® allows you to directly pull up presentations, connect, scroll, swipe, screen share and interact from your connected device 

Don’t need the interactivity but do need to send a clear message? --- Sister company ClearDigital offers cutting edge digital display solutions that deliver the ideal blend of technological capabilities, simplicity and versatility. Ranging from gel sanitizer stations to mobile digital signage, ClearDigital has got your unique needs covered. Furthermore, signage products can be easily customized with ClearDigital’s Sho content management system (CMS) software. Sho is a cloud-based remote CMS that makes it easy to create stunning displays that will connect with your audience.  

JBM has entered this partnership with ClearTouch because we believe that the technologies your organization invests in should be as flexible, adaptable, and interconnected as the people who use them, easily able to grow and shift as your needs evolve. If you would like to learn more about ClearTouch and their line of interactive displays and digital display solutions call JBM today at 905-641-4442 or visit us at ! 


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