Why Today's Modern Offices Utilize Managed Print Services

Why Today’s Modern Offices Utilize Managed Print Services – What You Need to Know

If you’re reading this then you have arrived in the year 2019 and it’s now safe to say we all exist in the era of ‘smart’. You and I most likely have at least one or more of the following; smart phones, smart T.Vs, smart watches, smart doorbells and most recently unveiled but not necessarily needed, smart beds (with built-in WIFI, projector and cup holders!). These technological advancements have enhanced the efficiency and ease at which many of us get on with our personal lives. However when it comes to the workplace, all too often the question ‘How ‘smart’ is my office?’ is neglected, and this comes at a cost most times much steeper than we are aware.

Today’s modern offices make use of managed print services to enhance and optimize their workflows, reduce unnecessary costs and take control of their printing environments. Here at JBM we can gladly assist in helping you answer any questions you have about managed print services and clearly explain the costs, benefits and levels of participation.



 (E.G. JBM Office Systems Ltd.)


(E.G. Staples, Office Depot)


(E.G. Kinkos, Minuteman Press) 





Needs Assessment

Hardware Replacement


Remote & On-site

*only under warranty & not Onsite

Automatic Toner Shipment

Usage Reports

Cost Monitoring and Control

Access to Support


Scheduled fee as an Operating Expense

Up-front Investment as a Capital Expense

Based on Individual Project

Hardware Cost



Operating Cost







Very easy on end user.


Somewhat easy on end user.

Not very easy on end user.


Responsibility of Fleet Equipment

Print Provider


Commercial Printer


Level of Involvement from you/IT Staff


Sharing objectives/goals, making decisions, reviewing the data


Maintaining and managing the environment, all end user issues and questions, any out of warranty issues, supplies etc.

End user handles everything.

What exactly is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Printing is an essential function in most businesses – but there is flexibility in how each business approaches printing. And, the approach you choose will affect your cost, level of responsibility and effectiveness. In turn, each of those variables influences your ROI, productivity and workflow.

Managed print services is a program offered by experienced print service providers that can manage all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. But, it's not the only option for businesses. Working with retailers or commercial printers is also an option for businesses. 

Why MPS?

  • Nearly 90% of companies don’t track print costs
  • Document costs represent between 5-15% of revenue
  • IT spends approximately 15% of its time on printing issues
  • MPS agreements can reduce operating costs up to 20-30%

Printer Fleet Management

Printer repair and replacement can be time-consuming and costly but entering into an MPS program places this task in the hands of a managed print provider. Here’s a high-level overview of how this program is implemented:

  • Your MPS provider conducts an inventory of your current printing fleet - across all locations of your business.
  • A detailed print history from the current equipment is accessed.
  • Your provider will discuss and record your MPS program goals (which can be unique to each location).
  • Based on the items above, your provider will highlight any inefficient printers to repair or replace. 
  • From this point onward, your MPS provider will maintain, support and manage your business print environment.

All equipment in the program will be remotely monitored using software installed on your network. This software can track multiple printing components including users, supply usage and the details related to each print job. It also tracks when a machine is experiencing technical issues and will automatically alert the provider. Often, issues are detected before anyone in your business even notices. Your provider may be able to repair the issue remotely, and if not, a service technician will be sent to make on-site repairs.

What are the Benefits?

IT Benefit: Scheduled Maintenance and Repair

With managed print services, printer repair is covered under your service agreement. Help desk support, remote assistance and on-site technical work are all part of an MPS engagement. You have a single phone number, email or customer web portal to contact whenever an issue arises, and all costs associated with printer repair are already covered. You won't experience any increase to your invoice because of repair.

Fleet Optimization (Typically over 5 devices)

Our MPS consultants & service technicians will come to your office to assess your fleet and recommend device relocations where appropriate to optimize workflow. During this process, they will also recommend new technology that may be necessary to provide you optimal print efficiency. And, any underperforming devices will be replaced. Fleet optimization is not a one-time event but an ongoing process that evolves as your business changes. You can expect quarterly or semi-annual reviews to stay on top of changes.

Cost Reduction & Budget Certainty

Managed print services provide a level cost based on usage/volume of printing allowing companies to forecast costs accurately. Depending on the level of engagement, software can also be used to help create print rules that will minimize costs associated with printing. For example, directing high volume jobs to the most cost efficient printer, setting black and white prints as a default to avoid colour costs and default to duplex printing (2-sided) to save paper costs etc.

IT Benefit: Minimized Downtime

With service and maintenance included and only a phone call away, you can be sure to reduce the amount of time your machine or fleet is not operating correctly. Less time waiting = more time working = increased revenue. And with JBM behind you, service loaners are available to keep you in business while printers are repaired or replaced!

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Managed Print Services has helped countless small, medium and large businesses alike to streamline their printing needs and provide a headache free and cost effective solution.  Whether you are certain MPS is for you or you simply would like to know more please contact a JBM consultant, call our office at 905-641-4442, or get in touch via the contact page on our website, HERE.


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