Transforming Industries: The Power of Wide Format Printing & Multi-Function Devices

In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, staying up to date is essential. As Niagara’s premier office solutions provider, we offer the latest cutting-edge equipment to meet your needs, driving productivity and cost savings into your business.

Today’s blog explores the incredible potential of two of the hardware solutions offered here at JBM Office Systems – wide format printers and multi-function devices (MFDs), with a specific focus on the premium offerings from industry-acclaimed brands RICOH and HP.


The History of Wide Format Printing

Wide-format printing has come a long way, growing to become an indispensable tool for a variety of industries across the world. It started with the invention of large-format plotters, which were primarily used in industries like architecture and engineering to provide detailed drawings. Advancements in inkjet technology are ultimately held responsible for its increased development and abilities.

A standard feature of today’s wide format printers is the high-quality, vibrant colours they’re able to reproduce, making them valuable in countless applications, from graphic design to marketing! The advanced wide format printers of today also offer precision printing, multiple media handling options, and eco-friendly functionalities.


3 Different Types of Large Format Printers

  1. Inkjet Printers

Known for their high level of precision and flexibility, inkjet printers shine in complex tasks. From reproducing detailed architectural blueprints with clarity to creating vibrant marketing brochures, the versatility of inkjet printers spans numerous industries. These printers can also handle various substrates, allowing businesses to choose between standard or glossy paper or other mediums.

  1. Laser Printers

Acclaimed for their quick printing and reliability, laser printers have become a mainstay for many medium and large workgroups.

It’s also become an asset for several industries with time-sensitive projects, like print-for-pay services. Here, laser printers can efficiently handle large volumes, producing everything from promotional materials to architectural renderings with impressive turnaround times.

  1. LED Printers

Recognized for their advanced large-format printing capabilities and eco-friendly features, LED printers provide the best of both worlds. Defined by their lower energy consumption, their signature LED technology reduces their environmental impact, leading to cost savings for those who use them. Offices looking to prioritize sustainability might consider opting for an LED printer to minimize overall energy usage.


Finding Solutions for Your Business Needs

Each industry carries its own needs and challenges. That’s why we customize each of our MFD and wide-format printing solutions to meet the unique needs of your operations. Below, we’ll discuss the various benefits of wide-format printing and MFD solutions across several industries, including manufacturing, engineering, municipal government, utilities, and print-for-pay services.

Simplifying Workflows for Local Government

In municipal government, our customization efforts can include tailoring any one of our MFD solutions to update your current document management processes. Through effective scanning and archiving, local governments can improve their ability to manage records, increasing transparency and accountability.

Helping Manufacturers Gain Precision

Large-format multifunction printers can assist manufacturers in creating detailed prototypes, streamlining design validation, and reducing the time it takes to get it to market. This process involves creating high-resolution models that allow for honest feedback on product designs.

Boosting Efficiency for Engineers

For engineers, we focus on wide-format printing solutions for technical drawings and blueprints. Wide-format printers ensure accuracy in all the important details and foster seamless collaboration among teams, contractors, and any stakeholders involved. With a simplified form of communication, the risk of errors and misinterpretations is decreased, saving you valuable time and resources.

Increasing Print Speed for the Print-for-Pay Sector

For the print-for-pay sector, the goal has always been to increase efficiency and meet tight deadlines. And now thanks to HP commercial printers, it’s finally possible. Recognized for their high speed, these printers allow businesses to handle large volumes while demonstrating quick turnaround times. This line of commercial printers not only improves operational responsiveness but contributes to the competitive success of businesses in the print-for-pay services sector.


Ricoh Multi-Function Devices: A Closer Look

Ricoh has long been synonymous with innovation in the realm of office solutions, and its multi-function devices are no exception.

Ricoh MP CW2201SP

The Ricoh MP CW2201SP offered by JBM delivers a whole new way to create, store and share documents. The all-in-one, full colour and black-and-white MFP enhances your level of sophistication at every stage of planning and development. From detailed maps to rich CAD drawings and plans, these functionalities ensure you can achieve wide format output that exceeds your high standards.

Ricoh MP W6700SP

A top choice among businesses seeking increased performance and enhanced productivity, the Ricoh MP W6700SP offers limitless potential. Built with customization in mind, this wide-format digital imaging system empowers workgroups and fosters collaboration.

In fast-paced business settings, every second counts. With the Ricoh MP W6700SP, you’re always prepared to meet tight deadlines. Through its innovative features like personalized short-cut icons and workflow customization, businesses can improve company-wide productivity and reduce errors.

Outfitted with remote technologies, this wide-format digital imaging system caters to today’s mobile workforce. Users working remotely can conveniently send print jobs anywhere using the Web Print Tool. Nearby users can enjoy printing from and scanning to their USB drive or SD card directly at the control panel– enabling seamless function whether your team is near or far!

Optimized to meet the wide format needs of architectural, engineering and construction firms, pay-for-print environments, utilities and telecommunication companies, government offices and manufacturing workgroups, the Ricoh MP W6700SP prints and scans resolutions up to 600 dpi and can reproduce half-tones with 256-level grayscale, delivering professional quality output on every project.


HP Large Format Multi-Function Printers: Setting the Standard

HP, a global technology leader, has set the standard for excellence in the printing industry, and its multi-function devices align perfectly with JBM's commitment to quality. The HP large format multifunction printers offered by JBM provide businesses with the tools they need to streamline their operations and achieve optimal efficiency.

DesignJet T830

Empower your project collaboration with the HP DesignJet T830. This wide-format multifunction printer from HP enables you to promptly update your partners on project review outcomes, ensuring effective communication and project progression.

As a dynamic security-enabled printer, the DesignJet T830 is exclusively designed for use with cartridges featuring an HP original chip, ensuring reliability and quality. Available in either 24” or 36” widths, it stands as the most compact MFP, perfectly suited for both office and construction job sites.

Experience swift printing capabilities, producing A1/D size prints in just 26 seconds. With HP mobile printing, you can seamlessly print directly from your smartphone or tablet, providing flexibility in your workflow.

This reinforced, all-in-one printer is equipped with smart scanning features, managing all document management needs seamlessly from the office to the construction site. Enhance communication with peers and partners using the intuitive single touchscreen, allowing you to scan, copy, and share drawings instantly.

DesignJet T250

Looking for an affordable entry-level large-format plotter? The DesignJet T250 checks all the boxes. Available in 24”, save precious office space with the world’s smallest plotter. Time isn’t the only thing you can expect to save with the DesignJet T250. Workgroups use 95 percent less ink for routine maintenance and gain an additional 100 A1/D pages a month.

Don’t let its compact size fool you. With the DesignJet T250, you’ll never wait long at the printer again. Featuring high-speed jobs as fast as 30 seconds per A1/D page, you can increase productivity at every project stage.

DesignJet Z9+ PostScript®

Effortlessly deliver professional work with the DesignJet Z9+ PostScript®. Measuring up to 44” wide, this printer includes high-definition printheads with 2,400 nozzle-per-inch, enabling users to print up to 2.5 times faster without losing quality. Setting new records, it’s the first printer to include an integrated vertical trimmer, decreasing post-processing time by up to 20 percent.

Impress even the toughest customers with smooth transitions and sharp details, courtesy of HP Pixel Control. Plus, experience high-quality results using fewer inks, thanks to the new high-definition HP printheads featuring dual drop technology. And with new tools like one-click printing and seamless remote print production, HP ensures a streamlined printing process for all.

Drive Productivity into Your Business with JBM

Whether you work in municipal government, engineering or something entirely different, JBM Office Systems can help you streamline workflows, drive productivity and increase cost savings. With our leading selection of hardware and software solutions, combined with the expertise of our team, including Rick Bush, JBM’s Wide Format Specialist with over 25 years of valuable experience, we’re committed to helping you find the printer or MFP suitable to your unique needs.

Rick’s extensive knowledge and dedication have been instrumental in helping customers select the right solution for their specific requirements. His wealth of experience ensures that our clients walk away with personalized recommendations that align with their distinctive workflow demands. Get in touch with us today to learn how Rick and other members of the JBM team can help you smoothen out the kinks in your everyday office operations.


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