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Cindy Crossley

Cindy Crossley

Vice President, Sales

Mailing & Folding-Inserting Expert

Joined the JBM Team in 1995

Cindy has been JBM’s mailing expert since partnering with Neopost Canada in 1999. Cindy continually enhances her skills and knowledge of the mailing industry with a focus on mailing machines, folder-inserters and Neopost’s latest software offerings. Mailing is not going away anytime soon as businesses still rely on mailing as a means of effective communication with their customers.  Cindy’s sales expertise allowed JBM to be recognized as Neopost Canada’s “Dealer of the Year” in 2011 as the Top Dealer in Canada, along with achieving Neopost’s Presidents Conference in both 2013 and 2014. 


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