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A smart, versaitle solution for folding and inserting your documents into envelopes -
Sending communications to your customers is an essential part of your business. Having a mail assembly process that is accurate and fast is the key to creating customer communications efficiently. When using a manual process to create mail, you risk making mistakes and using time that could be put towards completing other valuable work. With the DS-40i folder inserter, you can automate mail creation and reduce assembly time from hours to minutes, freeing up time, lowering costs and ensuring the right document is sent to the right customer.
Thirteen times faster than manual assembly-
The DS-40i's automatic cascade feeding function eliminates downtime and helps optimize productivity by automatically changing feeding trays when a tray runs out of paper. The manual feed fuction allows you to feed up to five sheets at one time, even if the sheets are stapled.
Inutitive operation -
The DS-40i is operated through an intutitive 5-inch glass, colour touchscreen interfact. You will be able to easily adjust systems settings when needed; letting our Wizard-based operating software guide you each step of the way.




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